France is the third largest country in Europe and the largest country in Western Europe. It borders Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy in the East and Spain, Andorra and Monaco in the south. The native land is high in the southeast and low in the northwest. It is roughly hexagonal in shape. It faces water in three directions. It faces the Mediterranean Sea in the South and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. The northwest is across the English Channel from Britain. Corsica Island is the largest island in France.



瑞士联邦(德语:Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft,法语:Confédération suisse,意大利语:Confederazione Svizzera,罗曼什语:Confederaziun svizra),简称“瑞士”(英语:Switzerland),是中欧国家之一,全国划分为26个州。瑞士北邻德国,西邻法国,南邻意大利,东邻奥地利和列支敦士登。全境以高原和山地为主,有“欧洲屋脊”之称。伯尔尼是联邦政府的所在地。

The Swiss Confederation, or Switzerland for short, is one of the Central European countries, which is divided into 26 states. Switzerland is bordered by Germany in the north, France in the west, Italy in the South and Austria and Liechtenstein in the east. The whole territory is dominated by plateau and mountainous areas, known as the "European Roof". Bern is the seat of the federal government.



意大利共和国(意大利语:Repubblica Italiana),简称意大利(意大利语:Italia),是一个欧洲国家,主要由南欧的亚平宁半岛及两个位于地中海中的岛屿西西里岛与萨丁岛所组成。国土面积为301333平方公里,人口6080万。北方的阿尔卑斯山地区与法国、瑞士、奥地利以及斯洛文尼亚接壤,其领土还包围着两个微型国家——圣马力诺与梵蒂冈。

The Republic of Italy (Italian: Repubblica Italiana), referred to as Italy (Italia), is a European country, mainly composed of the Apennines Peninsula in Southern Europe and two islands in the Mediterranean, Sicily and Sardinia. The territory covers an area of 301,333 square kilometers with a population of 60.8 million. The northern Alpine region borders France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, and its territory also surrounds two micro-states, San Marino and the Vatican.

法 国



Avenue des Champs - Elysées——香榭丽舍大道


The Champs Elysees Avenue in Paris, France, is located on the axis connecting the Louvre and the New Arc de Triomphe. It is also known as the Arc de Triomphe Avenue. It is one of the three most prosperous central streets in the world and is also known as the top ten charming pedestrian streets in the world. She runs across the main east-west road of Paris, the capital, with a total length of 1800 meters and a maximum width of about 120 meters. It is a two-way eight-lane street, starting from Concorde Square in the East and going west to Charles de Gaulle Square (also known as Star Square), with natural scenery in the east, flat English lawn on both sides, tranquil and tranquil. The west section is a high-grade commercial district, a world famous brand and clothing store. And perfume shops are all concentrated here. So it is called "the beautiful street in the world".


La Tour Eiffel——埃菲尔铁塔


The Eiffel Tower has become the symbol of Paris and even France with its beautiful posture. It is also famous for its romantic label in the world.


Seine River——塞纳河


From its birthplace to Paris, the Seine River passes through a series of young sedimentary rocks, filling the concentric zone of the tectonic basin, the center of which is the limestone platform closely surrounding Paris.


Musée du Louvre——卢浮宫


The Louvre Palace has become a world-renowned art palace. It was built in 1204. It was originally a French palace. It has lived in 50 French kings and queens. It is one of the most precious buildings in the French Renaissance. It is famous for its rich collection of classical paintings and sculptures. One of the largest art treasures is a world-famous treasure house. Palace.

瑞 士




地中海附近滨海阿尔卑斯山脉是低洼而干燥的石灰岩,法国韦尔东峡谷是深壑,默康托尔山(Mercantour Massif)是结晶体的山峰,白朗峰是冰川笼罩的圆丘(海拔4,807米〔15,771尺〕,阿尔卑斯山脉的最高峰)。

The coastal Alps near the Mediterranean Sea are low-lying and dry limestone. The Eastern Valley of Wells, France, is a deep gully. Mercantour Massif is a crystalline mountain peak. Mont Blanc is a glacier-covered dome (4,807 m [15,771 feet] above sea level, the highest peak of the Alps).




A World Heritage snowy mountain in Switzerland, enjoying the beautiful snowy mountain scenery all the way through the mini-train climbing process, I hope you can make this journey unforgettable because of the different scenery.


Mt .Titlis——铁力士


Tillis Mountain is the most famous scenic spot in the Alps. It is famous all over the world for its glaciers and glacial cracks that never melt. It takes about 45 minutes to hitchhike up the hill from the foothills of Ingerberg. There are three different types of cable cars along the way, from Engleberg (Ingerberg) at an altitude of 1050 meters to the top viewing platform at an altitude of 3020 meters.




Interlaken is a famous girl peak in Switzerland, Europe. Latin means "between two lakes". It is located between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, also known as the town between lakes. The famous hand-spun fine mesh fabrics are produced here, but they are known as "rags" instead of being world-famous. Like Bryant's woodcut, because of its complex craftsmanship, it eventually became a local specialty. The traditional hand-painted pottery products here are also very famous. The designs have local rural characteristics, as well as modern flavor. They are very popular with tourists.




In the most beautiful central region of Switzerland, Lucerne is an ancient medieval city surrounded by snowy mountains and azure lakes. Swan Lake, elegant medieval architecture, museums with rich collections, Renaissance palaces, fashionable shops, romantic streets and ancient streets are everywhere.




Duomo di Milano——米兰大教堂


The Cathedral of Milan is the largest Gothic building in the world. It is known as the symbol of Milan. After six centuries, German, French and Italian architects have participated in the design of the cathedral, bringing together a variety of national architectural styles. From the twelfth to fifteenth centuries, the Gothic style of architecture was popular in Europe, so it laid the foundation of the Gothic style of the building. In the interior decoration, because of the rise of the Baroque style in Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it also integrated into the Baroque style. Therefore, its architectural style includes Gothic, Neo-classical and Neo-Gothic (also known as Baroque). Although Milan Cathedral has been handled by many people, it has always maintained the "decorative Gothic" style.